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About the Book

The Biblical END TIMES prophecy is one of the most influential and pervasive beliefs of human history. It has been with us for thousands of years, is delicately woven into society’s fabric, and is the foundational basis for the belief in the divine right of kings and other civil authority. Religious institutions promote the divine right of kings concept, and the ruling elite are seldom shy about playing their expected roles, even if they may resent the inherent implication of being second best. Many of the ruling elite, whether operating in the public domain or behind the curtain, appear to be working diligently at dethroning God and elevating themselves to the position of being the all-wise and omnipotent benefactors of all things good and the honored recipients of our undivided loyalty.

This book entices the reader to explore a nearly universal but rarely challenged belief and the implications it has had and continues to have on our liberty.