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Excerpt from the Book


This book is about liberty.

What are the liberty-limiting factors and beliefs that converge and contribute to the building and maintenance of the institutional structures (boxes or prisons) we each may find ourselves in?

What kind of mindset must we develop to empower ourselves to live a fulfilling life free from the institutional forces working together to break our spirit, destroy our dreams, and that leave us unwittingly resigned to live out our existence on earth within the boundaries set by other people and/or the institutions they seem to revere?

As we have always valued the ideas and honor of those stalwart souls who managed to walk straight paths unencumbered by the popular, but false, beliefs of their day and age, we also find joy in seeking out those ideas that are capable of withstanding intellectual scrutiny and that can be validated by reason.

Do truly sound ideas require those entertaining them to sever their minds from their bodies? Or, is it the other way around whereby, in actuality, it is the unsound ideas that require the intellectual decapitation of their victims?

We will share those exploratory questions we’ve asked in our quest for liberty with the hope of motivating others to continue the process.

Who can provide a convincing counter argument to the claim that most grief and human suffering, individually or collectively, have been the result of man not seeking and/or ignoring natural law in preference for an inferior, man-conceived, unjust, unequally applied, ever-changing, irresponsible, liberty-limiting, and centralized form of governance embracing political law, favors, graft, and corruption?

Is not the remedy to the human grief, suffering, and exploitation we see around us ultimately manifested in the abandonment of our dependency and subservience to an inferior, man-conceived form of governance?

Is not a form of governance whereby we voluntarily and individually adopt and embrace a more natural, superior, and liberating form of governance, in harmony with the laws of nature, a more humane and just societal existence?

Is not a form of governance that recognizes, in theory and practice, the equality of mankind, with each individual being granted autonomous freewill to be exercised within the framework of the golden rule, a much more superior form of governance?

Is not a form of governance that honors true equality also one that, quite naturally, expects individuals to be solely responsible for the consequences of their own decisions and actions?

Is not a form of governance whereby each individual is responsible for their own outcomes a much better form of governance than what we’ve recently witnessed with financial bailout after bailout of those who feel entitled to a free pass?

Can one honestly profess to believe in true equality while, at the same time, promote the creation of taxpayer-subsidized social safety nets for those who take risks and suffer losses?